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Tumblr mumblr, this is literally going to filled with nonsense.
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2004 best in drums. 

Seriously…SCV was in a class by themselves that year. So clean, so musical, so great. 

The good ole’ days. 

I remember the days when learning this meant you knew your shit. 

I feel old because of it. 

I’ve always loved BD’s tuning with the Emperor Suede heads on their quads. 

I miss that sound. 

But, I guess you have to change sometime. 

And 2004 was such a great line. 

Quad solo spam. 

But are you guys really upset about it? 

These are some pretty legit solos, and this one is no exception. 

Slick visuals that I still haven’t figured out after 8 years of seeing this video. 

Ladies and Gentleman…Mike Davis


Brian P-Rez is pretty ridiculous too. 

I forgot about all of these amazing solos from ‘04. 

All of these solos pushed me to play quads my sophomore year. 

Lesser known, and under appreciated solo from Miguel Guaderrama. 

Seriously…one of my favorites. 

The guy’s a beast. 

This guy is my hero. 

TJ up in the hizzie. 

Playing some Chili Peppers and chopping out all up in yo grill. 

Making you feel inferior in the process.

I could watch RX quads from 03-11 all day. 

Such a smooth technique. Almost like they’re all improvising the exact part. 

The parts just roll off the page and onto the drums. 

It’s like flow in rap, except with sticks and on 6 drums.